Victor for Senate

Victor G. Maurice, Jr.

Gulfport, Mississippi

Building a firm foundation for a 21st Century MS

United states marine veteran

Victor G. Maurice, Jr.

United States Marine 


Sgt USMC Veteran 1996-2004

0261 Topographic Intel Analyst

III MEF Intel BN Okinawa Japan

II MEF Intel BN Camp Lejeune NC

Marine Corps Intelligence Activity Quantico VA

Chosen Path

Victor was born and raised in Gulfport, MS and naturally moved towards change in his environment from the beginning as a leading member of the High School Band and ROTC program. 

Victor still draws insight from his life as a young Police Explorer with the Gulfport Police Department and as a "statistic" waiting to happen being a disadvantaged, poverty strickened, teenager who fought daily to match his 'normal' with the national presentation of 'normal' of the young African American Male in MS.  

Coming HOME to Mississippi

 After traveling the world and seeing opportunities abundant around the globe, Victor was compelled to come back to MS and immerse himself back in his "normal" to be the agent of change that presents and implements  a "new normal" that maximizes the opportunity of a limitless 21st century MS despite the established 20th century obstacles that were culturally projected to promote the top 10% and oppress the bottom 90% of Mississippians with divisive control tactics that show Mississippi BURNING when she is in the perfect position to SHINE.  

Healing of America can start here!

Victor aims to compel Mississippi to spearhead the healing of America by fighting for resources and introducing policies that cultivate a 21st century Mississippi that presents a WHOLE America, TOGETHER... Past and Present. 

ALL THINGS work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 

Making Mississippi GREATER!


Victor has pursued the American Dream of being an Entrepreneur and 21st Century leader since his honorable discharge in 2004 after completing his military service. 

From being a real estate agent/Broker in the D.C. area to becoming a "from the ground up" entrepreneur in the constructing of a NEW Mississippi, Victor has brought his WHOLE life experience to the table in anticipation that even his "negative" experiences are useful in MAKING MISSISSIPPI GREATER.


Father of six children (5 living), (3) sons and (3) daughters, Victor is more than just a parent, he thrives to make the future a better place for his children and provides them with inspiration to reach for the stars.   

Victor takes GREAT pride in being a father! 


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Victor G. Maurice Jr. for Senate

I am not running to become a career politician.  I will step up and represent the people as the people and be truly the VOICE for the PEOPLE!

Essence of America

Big Government is not the answer, government has it's place, but the people are ultimately responsible for how the government acts. 

The Few & The Proud

I gladly claimed the title of United States Marine! 

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Victor Maurice for United States Senate 2018